YouTube video thumbnail at various sizes including HD (links)

The thumbnails of a YouTube video are saved separately and they can be easily downloaded or embedded in a website. Among the thumbnails, HD image are the images with maximum size.

The HD image can be empty if the video is of lower resolution or custom thumbnail uploaded by the user is of lower resolution.

Here are the links of the thumbnails in YouTube server (Replace [VIDEO_CODE] by the code of the video):

For example, if the video is https://www. then the [VIDEO_CODE] is bweHUR8KL8U[VIDEO_CODE]/0.jpg[VIDEO_CODE]/1.jpg[VIDEO_CODE]/2.jpg[VIDEO_CODE]/3.jpg[VIDEO_CODE]/hqdefault.jpg[VIDEO_CODE]/mqdefault.jpg[VIDEO_CODE]/maxresdefault.jpg

Let’s see what the thumbnails of the given video when I use the Video Code in the links above result into:

Thumbnail 0

Thumbnail 1

Thumbnail 2

Thumbnail 3

Thumbnail hqdefault

Thumbnail mqdefault

Thumbnail maxresdefault

In this video, the Maxresdefault image is not available because the thumbnail uploaded is of lower resolution.


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