Windows Live Writer settings transfer/backup – blog profiles, draft and recent posts

Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer is considered to be the most feature rich blog authoring tool. Available for free in Windows (sorry Mac/Linux folks) is known for comprehensive text editing, image management, and link management tool for bloggers.

This Christmas, I  got a awesome present, a brand new laptop. It is great working in the new machine. But, I wasn’t easy updating all of my blog addresses in the new Live Writer. So, I went searching for a tool that can backup and transfer blog profiles. 

A free tool, Windows Live Writer Backup, available in CodePlex, proved to be the perfect tool to make the task easy. Even if you don’t need to transfer profiles or settings, this is a perfect tool for keeping the backups of your blog profiles.

Downloading, installing and creating the backup is pretty easy. Clicking on the "Backup" button creates a bakcup file containing settings, posts and plugins. If you want more flexibility on what to backup and what not, you can optionally select or deselect features in Settings / Posts and Plugins.  Clicking on the text ‘Settings’ lets you deselect  ‘blogs’, ‘blog templates’, and "link glossary".  By default, recent posts are not saved. But, you can also select it by clicking on the text ‘Post’ (as shown in figure below).



After backing up the backup file (name.wlwbackup) is copied in the new machine. After installing the software in the new machine, Restore button is used to restore the profile in the new Windows Live installation.


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