Windows 8 wasn’t loud enough, poll

In a poll conducted in the US, more than half of the adults polled hadn’t heard of Windows 8, in spite of the release of the ‘radical redesign’ of the most popular operating system. In addition to Windows 8, Microsoft had also released a tablet-friendly, Windows RT and a Surface tablet running the new operating system.

In the poll conducted by Associated Press and market researcher GfK, 1,200 US adults were asked about Windows 8. It was shocking to know that 52 percent of respondents had not heard of the new Windows, Windows 8. Bad news for Microsoft, 61 percent of the respondents told that they have "little or no interest" in purchasing  a new computer featuring the new OS.

Talking about Microsoft’s new tablet, Surface, 69 percent of respondents told that they don’t have interest in buying the tablet.


Windows 8 is considered to be the first major redesign of the world’s most popular operating system. The new OS is praised for processing speed and elegant design of it’s Metro interface. Microsoft is planning to spend more than $1 billion in marketing the new OS. Let’s hope the poll result show otherwise in the future.



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