Windows 8 released, upgrade costs $40

Windows 8, a significantly new operating system (OS) compared to it’s predecessors Windows 7 or Windows XP and is launched on October 26, 2012. Windows 8 is designed with touch input as one of the integral input system and works well with a computer equipped with a touch screen. The user interface of the new OS is simpler and it might be faster and simpler for most of the users when compared to earlier version, Windows 7. windows_8

If you want to upgrade to the new version, you should be aware of compatibility issues with some of the pre-installed software. For the hardware requirement, Microsoft says that Windows 8 can run in any hardware that is capable of running Windows 7. To upgrade, visit Windows upgrade page and follow the instruction. Every computer running Windows 7, Vista, or Windows XP is eligible to upgrade to Windows 8 after a payment of $39.99. Before installing the new version, a 5 MB file is downloaded to run a compatibility check of the computer to warn about the programs that will work in Windows 8 and the ones that don’t run in the new OS. It also offers the option to upgrade the out-dated program.

Windows RT

Windows RT is a version of Windows 8 designed to run only on ARM processor. To date, Windows had been exclusive to Intel and AMD processors (X86 processors). With the release of Windows RT, Microsoft has ventured into the ARM processors bandwagon (Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, RIM’s OS and almost all of the mobile OSes run in ARM processors).

Windows RT is designed to run in a new hardware, so this version is exclusive to the new tablet devices. The difference between other versions of Windows 8 and Windows RT are:

  • Legacy windows apps can’t be run in Windows RT OS (X86 programs can’t be run).
  • Windows RT compatible programs are distributed through Windows Store
  • Windows RT is designed to run in smart-phones and tablets.
  • ARM processors are known to be optimized for longer battery life in similar processing and programming environment. Mobile devices with Windows 8 are expected to have better battery life.

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