Windows 7 – Is it the Lucky 7 for Microsoft?

Windows_7_logo In the history of Microsoft Windows releases XP is the only successful OS without numbers attached to it. All other named versions failed to gain the consumer confidence in them. Did that made Microsoft superstitions enough to choose the next version with number attached to it — number 7, lucky 7?

Most of the successful Microsoft Windows releases were numbered and few named versions received disappointing responses except for Windows XP. For example, Windows Me released in 2000 was called "Mistake Edition" by PC World; Windows Vista could never gain confidence of the XP users. (Network versions – Windows NTs were released with numbers attached to them).

Windows 7, the new operating system from Microsoft, is going on sale today. It has received some favorable reviews and some new features to help Windows rebuilt its image. Some notable features of the new OS are faster booting, Device Stage, Windows PowerShell, less obtrusive User Account Control, multi-touch, improved window management, homegroup networking, multiple thumbnails for combined taskbar buttons, and better power management for notebooks.

Reviews of final release will tell how the new Windows are perceived by the users. Till then, let’s wish Microsoft luck.


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