Windows 10 unveiled to undo the damages done by Windows 8

Windows 8 was a bigger disaster than the notorious Windows Vista. To undo the damages done by the OS, Microsoft has decided to skip Windows 9.

windows 10

On Tuesday, September 30, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 – a marriage of Windows 8 and Windows 7. Although it is more of Windows 8 than the earlier version, the company has added the features of 7 that the customers wouldn’t let go – the START menu.

Although Windows 7 PCs aren’t readily available to purchase in market, according to reports, only about 25 percent of organizations had adopted Windows 8. The new CEO Nadella has vowed to revive the company by changing some of the key issues of the company. Earlier this year, the company had announced Office for iPad, an aspect the company had chosen to ignore for long. The company is also cutting some 18,000 jobs, making some big buys like Minecraft for $2.5 billion.

The “technical preview” of Windows 10 will be available later this week, to early adopters. The version of Windows will only run on laptops and desktops for now.


One thought on “Windows 10 unveiled to undo the damages done by Windows 8

  1. Windows 10 did crash and wipe out the drive it was installing on in mid June 2015. I recovered a lot and yes I should have thoroughly backed up first. But we at a month and a half to release I thought it wpuld be safe… There is no way it will be ready next month… Is Microsoft washed up?

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