Will your Facebook page like count drop on March 12?

If you are the owner of a Facebook Page, you might have noticed a new message displayed in the insights page stating, that they have "recently updated the way we measure how many people like" the Page. It also warns that the Pages may see a decrease in the likes count after March 12 after Facebook removes likes originating from inactive Facebook accounts.

facebook page likes number to decrease

Facebook has explained the motive behind the the changes in this News statement in Facebook for business.

Facebook gives two primary benefits from removing voluntarily deactivated and memorialized Facebook accounts from Page like counts. The first reason is that the inactive account give a false impression of who sees the posts in the Page. Another is that Facebook wants consistency in the number of likes and comments in other parts where the likes and comments of inactive users are removed.

Which likes will be removed?

  • All the likes by people who have voluntarily deactivated their account will be removed.
  • If deactivated accounts are reactivated, the likes will be re-added to the Page. So, there will be no loss of likes from re-activated account.
  • Likes from memorialized pages will be deleted. 

That means, even if the account hasn’t been logged-in for years, the likes will not be deleted.

It seems, Pages with organic likes will not suffer much but, those who had inflated the likes by buying likes from third parties might suffer by this change.

likes page


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