Why you should cover up your webcam on your computer

These days, every computer comes with a webcam. These little cameras on top of your laptop screen are useful when you do video conferencing, or taking selfies and short videos like that in YouTube. But, they are also one more way hackers can get into your workplace or living room. Event if don’t open it up, there is no guarantee that somebody couldn’t open it remotely to sneak peak into your room.

The following photo of the Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg in a Facebook post made headlines. Look closely and try to identify the reason this photo went viral:


What made the photo special is that the laptop on the background has a little piece of tape over the camera.

Yes, the camera in your computer is very vulnerable to be targeted by hackers. In one incident, I recall reading about a guy who captured the face of the person who stole his laptop remotely and reported it to the police. Yes, he wasn’t a hacker but, hackers can do much more that what a normal person can do.

Although there is usually a light that lights up when the camera is recording something. But, that is also controlled by software and can be disabled. So, you could constantly be watched by a remote hacker and you didn’t even notice.

The only remedy to the problem is to cover up the camera. You could use a tape to cover up the camera. There are even the ready made product.

Please comment if you know of an innovative way of covering up of the webcam in our laptop or phones. Thank you.


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