Why do I need a webhost when I can make my own server?

That was what I did previously. I did set up APACHE, Php, MySQL and got dns from no-ip to start my own server. But, after some time I realize that the cost and effort was not worth the output.

Here are some of the reason professional web hosting services are better than a home server to host a website:

  • They are professional and they have usually have dedicated person 24/7 to rectify any errors that can happen in the servers.
  • The electricity bills – You need to have the computer running 24/7 and hence the cost is going to be much more than a typical hosting.
  • Most ISPs disallow webserving. You have to call them and confirm that making your computer a server in their network is allowed.
    The traffic usage of a web-server is significantly different then that of a normal user as the upload is a lot more than download. Not telling them is out of question.
  • You are offering no redundancy at all. If your computer dies, you don’t have the website – it is as simple as that.
  • Are you placing it in 24/7 air-condition. Computers are likely to overheat without being in air-condition and left on 24/7.
  • What is the upload speed of your internet connection ? Usually for a general residential line, upload and download speeds are different. Most ISPs provide very low upload speeds when compared to download speed. At this rate, a few users can flood your upload line and cause your site to be inaccessible to the other users. Site load time is usually very slow.

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