Which tablet has the longest battery life?

To find out which of the tablets available in market has the longest battery life, ‘Which?‘ from UK, conducted a test on a number of tablets. The tests were conducted for browsing web at 200 nits brightness. They divided tablets in two categories based on the size of the screen:

  • Small-screen tablet (screen size of 7.9-inches and smaller)
  • 10-inch tablets (screen size 9.4-inches and larger)

Surprisingly, Apple wins in both categories in terms of battery life – that too with a large margin. In 10-inch category Apple’s iPad with Retina display topped with a battery life of 811 minutes. The second was Apple’s iPad 2 with 590 minutes battery life. The third was Sony’s Xperia Tablet S with 534 minutes of battery life. The average of all 16 tablets was found to be 451 minutes.


In small-screen category, Apple’s iPad Mini was again the clear winner with 783 minutes of life. Amazon Kindle Fire HD came second with 591 minutes. Kindle Fire (non-HD) however ran only for 437 minutes in the test. The average battery life of 10 7-inch tablets was found to be 478 minutes.

You can read the comparison article here.


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