What to expect on Apple Sept 10 media event?

It is a well known fact that Apple keeps its plans secret and there are a lot of people trying to break into the closed garden. Based on all the rumors, we have collected everything we know about Apple’s announcement today.

apple press event 2013

Gold Rush – iPhone 5S

  • Fingerprint scanner – The latest update of iPhone, iPhone 5S, is expected to feature fingerprint scanner on the ‘Home’ button. Based on a number of different sources, the scanner is a feature almost ‘confirmed’.

iphone finger print scanner

A photo of rumored iPhone fingerprint scanner.

  • Dual-LED Flash – MacRumors website leaked a photo of so-called iPhone with a dual-LED Flash. Such a flash would capture a better picture.
  • Better camera  – The camera resolution in the new phone is expected to be in the range of 12-13 megapixel.
  • A7 Chip – The new chip in the iPhone is rumored to be more than 30 percent faster than A6.
  • Screen size – Although there is a high chance that the screen size to remain 4", some rumors point that Apple has been testing various screen sizes.
  • Gold iPhone – So far, black and white are the only two color options. Rumors state that Apple might release a Gold colored iPhone with the other colors.

C for Colorful Cheap

iPhone 5C is rumored to be targeted to budget conscious customers.

  • C for color – Like iPod touch, the new phone iPhone 5C is expected to feature five different colors – blue, red, green, yellow and white. The plastic casing is expected to cost cheaper. 
  • Cheap – Although the phone might be cheaper than the iPhone 5, it might still cost more than $400 without contract.
  • Other features – The camera on iPhone 5C is expected to be 8 MP. The RAM of 1GB and the storage size is expected to start at 8GB with A6 chip like iPhone 5.

iOS 7

The redesigned operating system, iOS7 was first shown off at at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. A lot of different features are expected in the new and redesigned OS.

Few more things

New version of iPods are also expected to be unvieled on the Tuesday event. Although the iPod Shuffle and Nano aren’t expected to be changed much iPod Touch might get the spec boost to A6 chip and other features.

Rumors of the update to Apple TV hardware and a full TV product might not happen but, there still is a possibility in that direction.

Wearable hardware, iWatch, has been talked a lot and there are evidence that Apple is securing the trademark. But, no rumor confirms an existence of a physical wearable hardware.


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