What can be done in Facebook?

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are gaining popularity day by day and other Internet strongholds like Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft had tried to grab their share of social networking traffic without much success to date. Although Google has done a pretty good job by launching Google Plus after a number of failures.


Among others, Facebook is one of the popular social network website at the current time. Some use it for one purpose and others for more than one purposes. Here are the list of things Facebook can be effectively used in our life:

• Search and find old friends and classmates.
• Track down lost family members.
• Create social and professional circles and expand it by connecting with various people all over the world.
• Share interesting photos, videos, and website links.
• Recommend and get recommendation for shopping, books, movies,  music and so on.
• Exchange wishes for special occasions like birthdays, marriage, and other events.
• Play online games, share the score and compete with friends.
• Spread the word about social, political events and charities.
• Invite and schedule parties and get-together. Track visitors and plan accordingly.
• Messenger like – text and video chat with friends.
• Do business online by buying and selling stuff
• Search for job, contact prospective employers and market oneself.
• Do online marketing of businesses or websites.

I hope this list will be helpful to open new avenue in your social behavior.


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2 thoughts on “What can be done in Facebook?

  1. That never occurred to me since I rarely look at DMs. Thanks for the tip.Melinda recently posted..How irrational shopping decisions cause clutter

  2. I had partialy green screen, meaning pretty wide stripe all along the top edge and green colour was shifted down. I did exactly oposite – hardware acceleration was checked, and I inchecked it. This solved the problem.

    But your guide and hint was very helpful, thank you very much.

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