Want to use Gmail with keyboard ?

Do you want to use Gmail with keyboard ? Yahoo also has started offering this functionality.

Please comment if I have missed some key strokes!

Here is a list of shortcuts while using gmail.

c – compose a new mail
/ – puts your cursor in the search box
k – move to newer conversation
j – Move to older conversation
n – next message
p – previous message
o or Enter – open a conversation
u – return to conversation list
y – archive a conversation
m – mute (archive and make all future messages from this conversation skip the inbox)
x – select conversation
s – star a message or conversation
! – report spam
r – reply to a mail
a – reply to all recepients
f – forward message
Esc – escape from input field
ctrl+s – save draft

key combos

tab then Enter – send message
y then o – archive your conversation and move to the next one.
g then a – go to all mail
g then s – go to starred conversations
g then c – go to contacts list.
g then d – go to drafts
g then i – go to inbox


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