US Government offers free apps for your mobile phones US government has relaunched its website,, and added a mobile app store for the general public. The app store features various applications for the mobile phones.

As of now, there are only 18 apps in total to start with, the government however promises that more will be available

soon. All the application are free but not all applications work on all smart phones. Some are device specific and only work on one of iPhone, Android phone, or Blackberry phones. Some applications available as mobile web apps work on any internet connected phones.

For example: Product Recalls application is available for Android phones and mobile web.
My TSA (Transportation Security Administration), a transportation safety application is available for iPhones and mobile web. Alternative Fuel Locator is only available for mobile web. BMI Calculator is only available for iPhone and UV Index is available for Android, Blackberry and mobile web.

Apart from general purpose applications mentioned above, the app store also features apps to dissiminate information about the US government, US Embassies, NASA, US Postal app, and FBI’s most wanted list.


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