Unboxing iPod Touch 4G

I received latest generation of iPod Touch recently. Here are some photos of unboxing it and my first impression of the micro-computer.

The iPod Touch came in a small cardboard box marked with 0.4 KGS weight. Opening it was as simple as cutting the plastic tape and pulling a smaller plastic box, wrapped in a think white plastic wrap. The plastic box is similar to the previous generation model box.

unboxing ipod-touch-1

The contents inside were familiar, but the new plastic wrap around the iPod was something new to me. There was a flap on the back to pull. After pulling the four edges, a plastic plate came out from the back.

unboxing ipod-touch-2 unboxing ipod-touch - on plastic cover unboxing ipod-touch - peeling the plastic coverunboxing ipod-touch - on plastic cover-2

The iPod Touch is a bit smaller in width, thickness and feels lighter too. (I have to go now – I will update this post later.)


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