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Internet relationships are based primarily on like, know, and trust through social network websites like Twitter, Facebook and similar sites. In this post I am going to talk about Twitter.

In Twitter, you can create your personal or business brand and virtually dominate your market, simply by building a list of followers. Twitter allows 140 characters per post, so the content in Twitter are highly optimized and straight. In the current busy life, it does make perfect sense to talk in short statements. That is one of the reasons, Twitter is getting more popular day-by-day.

When you register with Twitter, you should know some basic things before getting started. I have listed the main things below:

Profile Page

Once you’ve set up your Twitter account you can quickly customize the look and feel of your profile page. You should pay close attention to your one-line-bio. This one-line-bio is what people will read before they decide whether or not to follow you. You only have 160 characters to describe who you are and what you do. You might need to think a lot about it to make it good.

Adding a photo of yourself or the logo of your business helps a lot. A photo of yourself is better when dealing with customers as they feel like talking with a human.



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