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tweetdebate #tweetdebate

Some Nepali users of micro blogging platform Twitter have started a weekly debate to discuss on a specific issue, related to Nepal. The first virtual meeting conducted on March 18, 2011 decided to conduct the debate on every Friday from 10 PM to 12 AM.

Anybody can participate in the virtual debate. To make the participation easier, one of the organizers has created an illustrated how to page in the debate site.

The topic for March 25, 2011 is titled "Civil Vigilance- how can we do it?" The aim of the debate, according to the website, is:

    • use social media to form a citizen pressure group
    • use the group to push for gradual improvements in social/political issues
    • start an open-source style political campaign
    • Pragmatic solutions to problems, not complaints


Tweeting for Cause Nepal (tfcNepal) is another social networking group. With a fund of NRs 4000, collected from its founding members, the group is planning to collect 20 paisa (Nepali rupees) per tweet from its followers.

The fund will be used to support old age homes, orphanage homes, street children, government Schools, and libraries.

We wish @tfcNepal a success in their mission: ‘if we are able to bring smile on every faces through our tweets’.


These are the only two random groups from a lot of such groups in social networking platform. In the time when Twitting and changing Facebook status are considered more important than kissing in an wedding, social works is something we shouldn’t ignore about. Keep tweeting!


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