The most popular online email provider in Nepali community – Yahoo

The crown of the most popular email provider in the Nepali community goes to

After the analysis of nearly 4000 unique comments in xNepali blog, we have concluded that Yahoo is the most popular email service provider with 66% market share, the distant second is with 13% market share, Google’s Gmail comes third with 11% market share among Nepali users.


It is to be noted that (2% market share) is also owned by Yahoo. Other Yahoo domains like,, were also placed in ‘others’. MSN’s data doesn’t include, and so on.

How did we do the calculation?

I came across a plug-in in WordPress that can extract all the email from the comments in a WordPress blog. From the extracted comments, some clearly fake emails were deleted and the domains of the email were extracted. These domain names were used to do the statistical analysis.

Commenter Emails WordPress Plug-in

I found this nice plugin to list all the emails of the commenter in your blog. I was setting up a newsletter – subscription system so I wanted to list all the emails the blog commenters have entered.

This plugin might be heavy to your server, if you have a lot of comments like us. I got 500 Internal Server Error once. But, a refresh solved the problem.


But the resulting list was not that exciting 🙁


The plugin details and download link

Note: We take extreme care to protect emails of our visitors and these email addresses are kept safe and will not be shared with anybody. For this analysis the personally identifiable front part of the email stripped off before doing the analysis. The data used in this analysis is only from the people who commented in xNepali blog. The statistics may be biased as majority of the visitors in the blog are Nepali and less than 0.01% of the total visitors comment in the blog.


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