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  • Facebook introduces ‘subscribe’ feature to connect with non-friends

    UPDATE added at the end

    With the introduction of the ‘subscribe’ feature, you don’t need to be friends in Facebook to connect with somebody.

    Facebook is slowly adding Subscribe button, on friends’ and others’ profiles so that Facebook users can choose what they want to see from people in News Feed and they can also hear from non-friends, if interested.

    To let others see the message in their subscription list, the post should be ‘public’




    When I logged in my Facebook account I got the following message:


    When I clicked "Allow Subscribers," I was asked to choose what to let subscribers access:



  • Facebook crosses 750 million users mark

    facebook Techcrunch has quoted an unknown source to announce that Facebook has 750 million active users. ‘Active’ means, the the counted members had logged in at least once in the past month.

    Facebook had officially announced that it had 500 million users, last year. It seems, it is waiting the number to reach 1 billion until they announce the total number of users in the social networking site.

    Facebook, created in February 2004, had now become the biggest threat to the internet dominance of Google. With it’s vast inventory of personal details of its members, it is capable of better targeting the advertisements it serve. The location and personal data of its member can also be very useful for various types of businesses and governments.

  • How to add Google +1 in websites ?

    Google has now allowed to add Google Plus +1 button in WordPress sites easily.

    Webmaster have been in hurry to add +1 button in their sites in hope that it might influence the Google search engine ranking and influence SEO.

    Otto has posted a code to make a pulgin for WordPress. But, it is crude form yet.

    Here is the easiest way of adding the button:

    Visit this Google page. You will see the page as shown in the screenshot below. Choose the size of the button (preview is shown in box on the right). Scroll down and copy the code and paste on the header portion and the place you would like the button to appear.


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  • +1 Button – Google’s new social push

    googleplusone Google has realized the potential of social networking and it has been trying to create a better social networking feature to counter Facebook. Although several of Google’s previous attempts (Buzz, Orkut, Google Me, Wave etc.) failed to create any significant  impact in social circle, it hasn’t given up.

    Yesterday, Eric Schmidt admitted that he screwed up over social networking and today Google has released a new social feature called "+1". +1 is similar to the Facebook “Like” button, but it integrates itself directly into the Google search, the world’s biggest search engine.

    Google says, a click on +1 is a “public stamp of approval,” and the user will be associated with that link for every Google products. Now, it is to be seen if a person is willing to commit such a huge responsibility!

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  • Ping – 1 Million users in 48 hours

    apple-steve-jobs-ping Apple says that more than one-third of the iTunes users who have downloaded iTunes 10 in 48 hours of it’s release, have signed-up for Ping. With that impressive number Ping, the social engine of Apple,

    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s public profile got a comment, telling him, "nothing to worry about here… Ping kinda sucks." Jay Yarow noted, Apple CEO Steve Job’s profile is not public in Ping.

    Fred Wilson says, Ping is not that social and it is not about music either. Looks like it is only made for music purchases and celebrities. Some points Apple needs to address:

    • Would you download a software, iTunes, to create a social network ?
    • The social network is confined in a single software. No web, no nothing!
    • Worst, it doesn’t even interact with the iTune’s music collection. Ping friends don’t know what I am listening to.
    • People love to hear others talk. But, bad for Ping, there aren’t any positive reviews of Ping. Not, yet!

    Finger crossed, Apple will sort out the problem with Facebook and recording companies to make Ping a bit more useful.

  • Ping – Apple playing Facebook with iTunes

    ping-logo Today Apple introduced a new social music network through iTunes 10 and named it Ping. Looking like a Facebook style social networking, Ping will work on iTunes, iPod touch, and iPhone. It is not clear if it will be available as a general webpage.

    Jobs told that Apple had sold 11.7 billion songs, 450 million TV episodes, 100 million movies, 35 million books, and the store now features 160 million accounts. It sure does make sense on starting a social networking. But I would have been happier if it were a part of Facebook.

    Regarding the privacy Jobs pointed out that Ping’s privacy settings are "super simple." iTunes 10 is not available for download yet.