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  • Bing and Twitter search deal renewed, Google not interested

    The two year search deal between Microsoft’s Bing and Twitter was renewed for the next two years. Google had similar search deal with Twitter for the last two year, that ended on July 2. But, Google decided (or was it Twitter?) not to renew it again leaving Bing the sole search service provider of Twitter.

    Looking into the reasons behind Google’s unwillingness to renew the agreement AllThingsD noted that the Google-Twitter relationship ha became tense with the Google’s launch of its Twitter competitor social network, Google+. Google is trying to capture the social network crowd with it’s all-in-one social platform Google plus.


    Microsoft and Google had been the major sources of revenue for the micro-blogging platform.

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  • Google Plus – Killing itself with ‘real name’ policy

    A writer with an unusual name, Violet Blue (yes, it is the real, legal name) almost got booted from her Google account all because Google thought the name was not ‘real’. Blue has written a long story explaining how "Google Plus has the user experience problems of a startup and its risks come with the penalties of service loss from a vital public utility."

    Blue says, if you loose your Google account you might even loose all other Google services like Gmail, Google Groups, Google Docs, YouTube account, Blogspot (I am not sure, but they all are tied to a single Google Account) and so on.

    Google is not just a company. It maintains infrastructure for what have become vital services. And this is something you’ll only start to see if Google suspends you from Google Plus.

    google-plus-logo She even calls it a wake-up call to move away from all the Google services.

    Well, in Blue’s case Google realized it’s mistake and ‘did another mistake’ – that she felt insulted of for "allowing me to continue using my common name, which is my real name, thank you very much."

    This was a total failure in user experience. It’s nearly impossible to think that a company with Google’s time and resources could not have come up with a better way.

    I won’t be moving away from Google (because, there aren’t replacements of some of it’s services) but, it seems, user experience and social networking is not it’s cup of cake.

  • See, your email can’t filter this Spam – Google

    I got a spam email from Google.

    It seem to be trying to prove that Google’s Gmail knows better not to allow such spamy emails.

    But, I don’t like such blackmailing. I have used Gmail before and I know what I expect from email clients. Thanks, but no thanks to your spams, Google!

    The email came from a no-reply address of, built by a "few folks from the Gmail team." The name after Dear was  the name I registered my yahoo email with and it was signed at the bottom by one of my friend’s name. 


    Looks like this marketing strategy is designed to promote Google’s latest social push Google+ by increasing the Gmail subscribers.

  • Skype in Facebook video calling – compared with Google Hangout

    facebook_skypeThanks to Skype, video calling has arrived in Facebook. Yes it is in partnership with Skype as expected. The new video calling feature will give a boost required to compete with Google’s new effort to enter the social networking with Google+.


    Here are some comparison of Facebook video call with Google Hangout.

    • unlike Google+’s Google Hangout, there’s no group chat in Facebook’s video chat. Skype, the technology behind Facebook video call, however offers group calling as a premium service at a cost.
    • Facebook only offers one-on-one conversation free for it’s customers.
    • Google Hangouts isn’t as good as Skype or Facebook video call for one-on-one conversations.
    • None work in mobile devices (phones)


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  • Is Skype coming to Facebook ?

    People are speculating on what might be the ‘awesome’ product Facebook is launching on July 6th.

    Some say, it is Skype coming to Facebook as a browser video chat feature. If the rumor is true, it would be a huge user boost from 750 million Facebook users. Skype currently has 170 million user. Neither Skype nor Facebook have confirmed or denied the rumor.

    Well, Mashable has gone as far as preparing a mock-up version of video-chat in Facebook.

    With the recent release of feature-rich Google+, Facebook has an urgent need to compete with new features and improvements. I hope it is more than video chat Facebook will be releasing on it’s July 6th invitation only program.


  • ‘Something Awesome’ from Facebook, is it going to be a reply to Google+ ?

    Facebook’s co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has told reporters that the company is planning to announce ‘something awesome’ by next week.

    Well, Google’s year-long preparation on the secret Google+ project has created an awesome product. I have no doubt, Google makes awesome product. But, every awesome thing don’t get popular. It has also learnt from its previous failures. Facebook’s timing might be perfect to respond to Google+ great features in terms of privacy, contact management and data management.


    (Photo source – Wikipedia)

  • Is Google’s innovation and creativity saturated?

    google-invite Google has launched Google+ a whitewashed copy of Facebook – an invitation-only social network.

    The tactics worked in Gmail and it seems everybody was asking the same question, “Do you have any Google+ invites?”, at least in Twitter, among geek community.

    But, I have some big questions. Where is the innovation?

    • Isn’t this “invitation-only” 2004ish?
    • Isn’t Google+ is too much Facebookish?
    • Now, even the clean old Google also seems somewhat Twitterish:



    Google used to be good on innovation, but never good when playing copy-cat. How can one forget the products that didn’t work like – Buzz, Orkut, Picasa, Google video, Sketchup, Google Chat, Google Health, Google Catalog, Google Answers,  and so on.

    Anyways, let’s wish Google+ a success and, wish Google to catch-up with the innovation and creativity. It’s not about technology but about the personal touch – social instinct and collaboration – a weakness in Google’s PhD crowd.

    It seems, Google+ is only the one of 100 other social products Google is planning to launch soon. Let’s hope, some of them won’t be “inspired by” other existing services and will be truly their own!