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Question How do I submit my blog to Google and other search engine. I found a website that has 100 plus links of local versions of Google to submit sites. Is it worth the effort?

Answer – Short answer – no, you don’t need to submit. Get links from other sites.

Almost all the search engines (including Google) have site submission tools. That used to be one of the most important tool in past. But, time has changed and now search engine submission is not as important as it used to be. Search engines are intelligent to find your site – all by themselves. You can make their jobs easy – by posting your links in sites that Google/search engines already know.

Some SEO companies give more than necessary emphasis to search engine submission. One submission to Google through this link might be a good idea but, you don’t need to submit to multiple search engines or spend money to submit to multiple search engines. Try to get most out of backlink instead!


What else can you do?

  • Best thing to do is create a free blog, write a short post and include a link back to your site. Here are some of the sites that can help you create free blogs –, Blogger and Tumblr.
  • Tweet the link through your Twitter account.
  • Post the link in Facebook
  • Comment in blogs (comment section at the end of this post) with your link.

For a long term strategy

  • Submit a sitemap to Google (This is a tool to inform about the update you do in your site. I will write about it later).
  • Writing an article and submitting it to an article directory such as Ezine Articles
  • Submitting your site to a quality web directory like Demoz, Yahoo Directory etc.
  • Creating a press release and publishing in press release websites.
  • Ask friend to include links to your website

Why is having your link in others’ sites important?

Google and other search engines evaluate a site by how many websites link to your website. If websites like Kantipur, Nagarik have a link to your site, Google thinks your website is important and will give it more importance (some call it Link Juice). If a spammer site links to your site – Google will think your site might also be a spammer site and will lower the rank.

Google constantly checks all the websites it has in it’s system. So, if it finds links to your website in one of them, it will automatically add in it’s system. It is equivalent to submitting the website.

Pagerank, Google’s ranking algorithm is based on how important your site is and how many people in other websites link to your site. So, try to get links from high quality websites to rank higher in Google search.


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