Steve Jobs says No to a 7″ iPad

pouring-water-on-7-inch-ipad In the Apple’s Quarterly earnings call on Monday night (Oct. 18, 2010), Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, made a surprise appearance to tell that Google’s Android isn’t really an open platform. He also told that he thinks 7″ screen tablet is too small for a better computing experience. This is the answer to the latest rumor of smaller screened iPad from Apple in near future.

Some of the highlights of his talk are:

  • Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones in the quarter which represents a 91% unit growth over the year-ago quarter. He compared the number to 12.1 million Blackberry’s sold in RIM’s quarter ending in August.
  • He defended Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s statement of 200,000 Android activations to 275,000 iOS devices per day on average for the past 30 days. He also compared Android App Store’s 90,000 apps to 300,000 Apps in the Apple’s App Store
  • 7″ screen is 45% as large as iPad’s 10-inch screen. “Seven-inch tablets are …. too big to compete with a smartphone and too small to compete with an iPad “
  • Android market is very fragmented and is not as open as told by Google. With “more than 100 different versions of Android software on 244 different handsets,” the developers need to be more focused on testing the apps on every devices than on real software development.
  • Apple sold 4.2 million iPads since April. Mac sales totaled 3.9 million (up 27%) in the quarter.

Although Apple surpassed quarterly earning expectation again with strong sales of iPhone, the iPad sales and its margin were not that exciting. You can listen the full show in the Apple website by clicking here.

Apple might be considering a larger screen iPad as Steve Jobs thinks the near 10″ screen is the smallest good-enough screen size.


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