Shortcut keys and Tips and Tricks in Internet explorer (IE)

List of short-cut keys for Internet explorer:

CTRL+A: Select all
CTRL+C: Copy
CTRL+V: Paste
CTRL+F: Find
CTRL+E: Search
CTRL+W: Close window
CTRL+N: New browser window
CTRL+R: Refresh web page
CTRL+O: new location – esc to close
CTRL+D: quickly save a Web page to your Favorites list
CTRL+I: Favorites
CTRL+P: Print the page
CTRL+H: History
CTRL+tab: goto URL Address field
Alt+Spacebar+X: Window Maximize
Alt+Spacebar+R: Window Restore
Alt+Spacebar+N: Window Minimize
Home key: beginning of page
End key: bottom of page
Backspace: move back a page.
CTRL + LEFT ARROW : quickly move the cursor back between parts of the address.

Some Tips and Tricks while surfing in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE):

To go to the previous pages quickly – click the small down arrow to the right of the Back button and select the page you want to go to.

Quick jump to Web Site IE : Type just the Internet domain name in the URL Address field and hold down ctrl enter keys.This will fill in www as the machine name and TLD .com

Quick jump to Web Site Part II IE : Type go ebay in the URL address field.This will go to MSN search page site and select the best match.

Presentation Mode IE : Select the F11 function key to enter Presentation mode.Select the F11 function key to toggle back.

Resize Text Size IE : Hold down ctrl key and move the wheel on the mouse.The page text will enlarge or shrink.

Page forward and back IE : Hold down shift key and move the wheel on the mouse.This will page forward or backward through the pages selected.

Quick jump to the addresses IE : Select the alt and D keys together.This will select the URL address field.

Page scroll using mouse wheel button IE : Push down on the mouse wheel button and slide the whole mouse up and down. This will page up and down the screen.

Select visited web site addresses IE : Select the F4 function key.This will show a listing of sites you have visited for selection.

Refresh the page IE and Netscape 6 : Select the F5 function key.This will refresh the current page.

Quick Search IE : In the address field type find or ? then your topic or keywordThis will go to MSN search engine and search on your topic.

Quick Search part II IE : Select the F3 function key.This will display the left side search column box.

Open a New IE Window : Enter Control NA new IE browser window will appear.

Open a New IE Window with One Click : Hold down shift and click on the link.A new IE browser window will appear.

Page forward and back using arrow keys IE : Hold Alt button and use the arrow keys to page foward and back.

Stop flashing images IE : Find a site that has flashing images About.comAfter the page loads select the Esc button.

Get to Your Favorites with Keyboard Shortcut IE : Enter Control-I will bring up your left pane favorites. Enter Control-I will make it disappearEnter Control-B to organize your favorites

Print Part of a Web Page IE : Select the area you want to print with your mouse.Select the print option from the menu bar – not the print icon. Change the print range area to selection.


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