Shocking – Steve Jobs ‘may have six weeks to live’


In a shocking news, the National Enquirer suggests that the health conditions of the Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs is much worse than expected. The man found Apple on April Fool’s day of 1976 with his buddy Steven Wozniak has been one of the most influential tech personality in the world.

Recently, Steve Jobs was sighted at the Stanford Cancer Center, the cancer clinic where Hollywood star Patrick Swayze was a patient in his final days.

The Enquirer claims that pancreatic cancer might have taken toll of Jobs and he may have just six weeks to live. It has published new photos of Jobs looking painfully frail and weak.

The National Enquirer also says, Jobs has also lost his weight from 175lb (pre-cancer) to 130lb (now).

Jobs, on January 17 announced that hew was going on a medical leave. He will turn 56 on February 24.

I wish the National Enquirer was a liar and Jobs has decades to live.

Get well soon, Jobs!


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