Sex on the first date – may be an Android user!

An online survey by a match making website shows that while comparing iOS, Android and BlackBerry phone users, Android mobile phone users were found to have a higher chance of sex on the first date.  An internet surveys on 1,068 Canadian singles conducted from October 13 to 15 of 2011 was analyzed to come to these conclusion.

The dating site found that 62 percent of Android using singles have had sex on the first date. The percentage of iPhone and BlackBerry users who had sex on the first date were 57 percent and 48 percent respectively. Summarizing the result:

androidSex on first date:

  • Android users – 62 %
  • iOS users – 57%
  • BlackBerry – 48 %

One night stands:

  • Android users – 55 %
  • iOS users – 50%
  • BlackBerry – 47.6 %

Visiting dating websites:

  • Android users – 72 %
  • iOS users – 58%
  • BlackBerry – 50 %

When the users were surveyed for office romance, it was found to be highest among iPhone users. Nearly 1/4th of the iPhone user respondents of the survey admitted of having a romance with a colleague in the last five years.

72 percent of Blackberry users admitted drinking alcohol on the first date.


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