Sending money to Nepal – Thamel or Muncha ?

One of our users asked the following question:

Q. I want to send money to Nepal. One of my friends suggested to use or Which is more reliable to send money to Nepal?

A. This was a tough question. We went to check both sites and our experience says that both of them are unprofessional and unreliable.

First let’s see I registered an account with them and immediately the site asked me my credit card information. When I was going to enter the information, I realized the site is not secured.


HTTP is unsecured and is subject to man-in-the-middle and eavesdropping attacks, which can let attackers gain access to website accounts and sensitive information. HTTPS is designed to withstand such attacks and is considered secure against such attacks.

I didn’t register my credit card. But, if I had it would have been saved in such an insecured website and would have been in the risk of being stolen, forever.


The risk is not worth taking using!


The first thing I didn’t like about Muncha was the “SIN Number” in registration form. No online business can ever ask for SIN number from its customer. I don’t know what it will do with the SIN number. It was an optional so I didn’t have to entre the number.

SIN - muncha

But, the site told me that Canada has a “7 digit postal code” and won’t take the correct 6 digit postal code. I didn’t like the site being over-smart and not let me in. That means, the site has never served a Canadian customer. It was not a minor mistake – it was the dumbest thing an online merchant can do. If they are such careless programmers, can you let them access your bank?


I won’t trust a site that can’t recognize a correct postal code of one of the few countries it serves.

Our suggestion – don’t use any of those sites to send money to Nepal!

We will send money through other services and will keep you updated on which service worked for you. Till then, we don’t have any preferable service to send money to Nepal (except, sending it with a person you can trust).

Disclaimer: I had used the the online shops of both the merchants previously and was satisfied with their service. In an unrelated case previously, the Muncha administrators hadn’t replied my email inquiry about one of their product (I think, it is normal in big businesses). The analysis was done only to answer the question we received from one of our readers. Although we didn’t like these two services, other services might even be worse. So, we request the readers to use their own judgement while sending money to Nepal.


5 thoughts on “Sending money to Nepal – Thamel or Muncha ?

  1. I use most of the time to send money to my mum in nepal. First few times its works fine but after 5th times they call me and ask me my social security number, not only number the scan copy of oregional SSN from email. I do a lots of online shoping, nobody ask SSN while doing online shooping. I stop using thamel remit now.

  2. Don’t send the money through I want to share my experience. I tried send money from USA to nepal through muncha. They send through an Indian company. They always sent me an email that they were trying to call me to verify my identity. However, they never called. Finally after 12 days, I asked for refund. They are very bad.

  3. Is there anyway we can delete our account in because I dont see any opitions in there website. I dont even see any options to delete beneficiary’s information.

  4. Never send money through Muncha… They don’t deliver money on time. Had worst experience with Muncha. I will never use it nowonward.

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