‘SelfControl’ your internet addiction

A free and Open Source software for Apple OS, "Selfcontrol," is very useful when you want to curb your Internet addiction. Every distractions like email, Facebook, or any websites can be "switched-off" virtually for an specified duration by this software.

For example, if you activate blockage of email, Facebook, Twitter, and your favorite music sites for 100 minutes, it can’t be "switched-on" until the time is over. A restart or even the deletion of the application won’t let you visit the blocked sites until the time is over. It sure is a tough application!


I have used it and, loved it because is very simple, neat, and you don’t need to be a geek to use it. But, it is only available for Apple computers. The developer hasn’t made it’s Windows version yet.

For those who prefer Windows, there isn’t any application as neat and simple as SelfControl. When asked about the SelfControl alternative in PC many suggest K9 to be equivalent to SelfControl.

SelfControl equivalent in Windows

K9 Web Protection is a feature packed internet filter and parental control software. The software for home use if free and can be downloaded from K9 website. Apart from  parental control, it can be configured to block specific websites and the duration of their blockage.

Download is not as straight forward as SelfControl. You need to fill a form and provide them your email address. Then they send the download link along with the K9 License in the email. The computer needs to be restarted before using the software.


I have uninstalled K9. It’s not a self-control software when you know the admin password. It only added the hassle of typing the password every now-and-then. It wasn’t worth the effort, so I decided to uninstall it. 

In one of the forums, I found a member posting the method K9 might work:

K9 can be set up to block your own access to unwanted websites. However, this must be done in cooperation with another person (family, friend, neighbor, etc).

Steps to set up K9 with a secure password and email:

  • Completely uninstall the current version of K9 and reboot your computer (this is a very important step).
  • Ask somebody else to request a K9 license (from our website) using their email address. Make sure they use one that you cannot access.
  • Ask them to install K9 on your computer using their own password, and make sure they don’t tell you what it is.

But, is that self control? Isn’t somebody else controlling you? I won’t bother talking about some other methods that involve locking password in some boxes and burying in the ground some miles away from home!

Let’s face it, K9 might be a good parental software but, nothing close to selfcontrol.

If you ever stumbled upon a better application for slef-control – please comment. Thank you!


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