Ryan Clearly locked himself in his home since last Christmas

ryan_cleary Looks like, the 19 year-old, Ryan Cleary, who was arrested in UK is indeed the mastermind behind the LulzSec and its cyber attacks to the websites of Sony, the US Senate, the NHS and FBI related security companies. Ryan’s mother told that he had locked himself in his home since last Christmas. He wouldn’t come out of his room except to go to bathroom.

Dailymail has talked with the teenager’s mother and published the childhood photos of Ryan. It is a long story including Ryan being diagnosed with Emotional Behavioural Disorder and ADHD at the age of seven.

Internet security experts believe that LulzSec is a team of about ten members. The real names of the members, seen online with nicknames like Sabu, Nakomis, Topiary, Tflo, Kayla, Joepie91 and Avunit, is not known.

Ryan is formally charged with:

conspiring with other people on or before June 20 to create a remotely controlled network of zombie computers to carry out distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, where websites are flooded with traffic to make them crash.

He is accused of launching a DDoS attack on the SOCA website on June 20 and similar attacks against the BPI’s website on October 29 last year and the IFPI’s website on November 28 last year.


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