Rumor: ‘iPad 3’ to be released on Steve Jobs birthday on Feb 24 ?

Apple Inc and rumor go together. If you haven’t grabbed the $99 HP tablet or a $199 RIM Playbook or a $199 Amazon Kindle Fire… or any other Android tablets and waiting for next generation of Apple’s $499 iPad, your wait might be over in a couple of months.


On the birthday of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who died recently, Apple is rumored to be planning to launch the next generation of it’s market leading tablet, iPad. The tablet, expected to be named iPad3, will most probably feature Apple’s Retina Display and a new generation of Apple microprocessor.

Citing a sources from a Taiwanese iPad3 supply chain, a local Chinese newspaper the Economic Daily News, Focus Taiwan wrote that the factory had cut the Lunar New Year holidays to meet the delivery deadline.

While considering the previous product cycle, Apple might release the next generation of iPad by the endo of March 2012.


2 thoughts on “Rumor: ‘iPad 3’ to be released on Steve Jobs birthday on Feb 24 ?

  1. I hope Apple’s higher up geeks have enough sense to bring in Adobe Flash. What a stupid and arrogant decision not to use it on the Ipad2. There are many, many, things you cannot do on the iPad 2 without Adobe Flash. I can’t even send electronic greeting cards with my iPad2 or watch most videos. It sucks big time. I’m going back to Windows. Unfortunately, my husband just bought me this iPad 3 weeks ago for my birthday and I am very unhappy with it’s limitations.

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