RIP Flash – Windows 8 dumped it too

flash It now is loud and clear – the days of Adobe Flash are over. Apple’s detest of this popular Adobe product has extended to its rival, Microsoft, that has removed support for Flash in the browser of it’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8.

Flash, the most widely used browser plug-in of 2000s has started to see its decline when Apple decided that it was too resource hungry for iPhone and other iOS devices. It was a huge setback to the technology when Apple didn’t allow Flash to be installed in it’s mobile version of Safari browser running in its iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Microsoft’s latest move means there is no future for Flash. Although Windows’ desktop version of IE10 will support Flash, the future of desktop computer is in risk with the development of tablet computers and other smart devices. Microsoft has also indicted that it’s focus will now be more focused towards Windows and "touch first" interface .

win8 In response to the lack of support to flash technology in the new "Metro" version of Internet Explorer 10, according to CNet, Adobe spokesperson has claimed that Flash will flourish despite Windows 8.

Adobe’s Flash had historically been a very popular alternative to the programmers to bridge browser and operating system for the development of online games and animations and streaming videos.


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