RIP Flash on mobile devices – Apple finally wins the flash battle

Adobe has confirmed the death of Flash on mobile devices.

Seen as a win for Apple, it was the first to refuse to include Flash in it’s mobile device. Other mobile platforms like Android and Blackberry devices had struggled to include Flash in their mobile operating system. Known for being resource-intensive, it was not an easy task to port Flash in low-powered devices. A final blow came from Microsoft in September when it decided not to support Flash in its new OS Windows 8. Event the devices like Motorola Zoom which was told to be "fully Flash-enabled" tablet before release, wasn’t able to port the device with Flash.

In April last year, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs explained why iPhone doesn’t support Flash. He rightly told that it drains battery and is not good for multi-touch.

Adobe, in it’s blog has announced Flash to Focus on PC Browsing and Mobile Apps; Adobe to More Aggressively Contribute to HTML5.

In the process of killing Flash for mobile device, Adobe will cut 750 full-time positions in North America and Europe. It will however have no effect on Flash for PC browsers. 


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