Ping – 1 Million users in 48 hours

apple-steve-jobs-ping Apple says that more than one-third of the iTunes users who have downloaded iTunes 10 in 48 hours of it’s release, have signed-up for Ping. With that impressive number Ping, the social engine of Apple,

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s public profile got a comment, telling him, "nothing to worry about here… Ping kinda sucks." Jay Yarow noted, Apple CEO Steve Job’s profile is not public in Ping.

Fred Wilson says, Ping is not that social and it is not about music either. Looks like it is only made for music purchases and celebrities. Some points Apple needs to address:

  • Would you download a software, iTunes, to create a social network ?
  • The social network is confined in a single software. No web, no nothing!
  • Worst, it doesn’t even interact with the iTune’s music collection. Ping friends don’t know what I am listening to.
  • People love to hear others talk. But, bad for Ping, there aren’t any positive reviews of Ping. Not, yet!

Finger crossed, Apple will sort out the problem with Facebook and recording companies to make Ping a bit more useful.


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