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There were the days when you have to upload your photos in the server and type IMG tags in html pages to publish your photo gallery. I was so happy when I got hold of Frontpage for the first time – it created the thumbnails automatically.

Now there are many high standard photo gallery scripts; many of which are available freely too. I have used Coppermine Photo Gallery, Gallery2, and a small Mini Image Host. But none are so easy to handle. You have a learning curve, database, server requirements and so on. But I was looking for a simple gallery which can be created just by uploading the photos in a directory. I tried creating one myself but it was time consuming (which I don’t have much :))

I was searching such a script for some time without luck. But today I found exactly what I wan’t, EasyPhpAlbum Lite. It is a single “index.php” file. All I need to do is copy the file in the folder and upload the folder in the server. It creates the thumbnails and the album is ready! The 9kb files did wonders. Thanks to the developer JF Nutbroek, you saved my day.

The site says that it can create albums of photo, music and video too. But I haven’t tried music and videos yet but if anybody has used them please comment about it too.


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