Photo Filtre – free image retouching program

Q. Which is the best image retouching program. I know Photoshop is the best. But, it has way too much options and is suitable for professional, not like me. I want a simple, and casual (and may be free) tool.

A. There are a lot of tools! Some are good in one aspect and may not be good in others. A free photo editor equivalent to Photoshop is Gimp. But, it is not that simple. A few simple and small tool I prefer are – IrfanView, and PhotoFiltre. I used to use Paint (yes, it is Window’s own Paint) a lot previously. But, when I started using PhotoFiltre I don’t need Paint anymore. So, I would suggest PhotoFiltre to suit your neet.

Answer in details – more details on PhotoFiltre:

PhotoFiltre is the best image retouching program available for free. It features simple to advanced image adjustment tools and vast amount of filters to go with it. Best part of using PhotoFiltre is the easy learning curve.

If you don’t want to install one more program, there is a portable version (download the ‘zip’ format). The software is ready to use after unzipping.


Download PhotoFiltre from its website.


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