PC sales didn’t pick up after Windows 8 launch

When Windows 8 was launched on October 26, 2012 many expected a surge in the sales of PC. But, according to the new data from research firm NPD, PC sales has decreased by 21 percent since the launch of Windows 8. Desktop computer sales has decreased by 9 percent while laptop sales decreased by 24 percent.


Although Windows 8 is not a killer operating system and it has received mixed reviews, the decline in sales of PC might not be solely due to Windows 8. There are a lot of other reasons people might not want to spend in another computer.

Popularity of tablet computer – Popularity of iPad and other tablet computers have hurt PC sales in the last few years. Although a tablet isn’t considered suitable for productivity activities, everybody knows that this shortcoming will be short-lived.

Apple is eating the PC’s lunch – Popularity of iPod, iPad and iPhone has increased the mass who want an Apple computer to go with them. In a latest report Apple announced that it’s MacBook line is the bestselling notebook computer in US market. Because of less variety and consistency in quality, and best customer service of Apple more and more PC users are changing camp these days.

Windows 8 reviews are painful – Reviews of Windows 8 talked about the transition from Windows 7 to 8 is not an easy choice. Those who wanted to try something new, fact about the long learning curve made them hesitant. Although every PC sold today features Windows 8 the consumer doesn’t seem to care much.

Desktops are near the grave – Demise of desktop was predicted much earlier and it is showing sign now. These days, laptops are much cheaper than desktops and most of the people don’t need the horsepower they offer.

Too many computing options – The holiday shopping lists of people this year are full of all other gadgets on the top except a PC. There are tablets, smartphones, book readers, game consoles and so on. There is no PC in the list because they don’t need a PC to chat or watch videos or surf internet these days. They don’t need PCs to send emails and take notes or consume any digital contents. Video editing, photo editing and all sorts of other tasks can be done by phones or tablets. So, PCs relevancy has shrunk a lot in the current time.

Too much costly – Windows is really costly for a software. After a few days of Microsoft makinga ‘surprisingly low’ $40 upgrade of Windows 8, Indian government mocked it by releasing a full tablet, half it’s price. The $20 tablet, Aakash basically does what most of the consumers want their PCs to do. 


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