Facebook Scrapbook, a new dad at Facebook builds a scrapbook for your kids


A new feature in Facebook, introduced on Tuesday, called Scrapbook, can be used to tag and create scrapbook of your kids. It allows Facebook user to pull together the photo of children using a special tag to create and share with others. The optional feature allows only the user to tag and create the scrapbook….

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$149 Chromebook, less than $100 Chromebit


Chine manufactures Haier and Hisense have announced cheapest Chromebook yet, at $149, to preorder from Amazon and Walmart.com. In another news, Asus plans to release the Chromebook Flip, a convertible Chrome OS device at a price of $249. The device is told to be 15 mm thick and weights less than 2 pounds. Asus also…

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Will your Facebook page like count drop on March 12?


If you are the owner of a Facebook Page, you might have noticed a new message displayed in the insights page stating, that they have "recently updated the way we measure how many people like" the Page. It also warns that the Pages may see a decrease in the likes count after March 12 after…

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HTML Template, So You Want to Write an eBook ?

I am starting a new series “So You Want to Write an eBook ?” to help design and write an ebook. First, we are going to start with structures and design components. After we are done with the requirements we will go in depth in every part of the process. The components to be covered…

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Facebook or Twitter, which one is better?

One of our readers asked which of the most popular social networking tools – Facebook or Twitter is better. Answer: Social networking is more about people than the platform. It is like the coffee shop you like to visit everyday and meet you buddies and chat about the things. In the beginning, you might want…

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Windows 10 unveiled to undo the damages done by Windows 8

Windows 8 was a bigger disaster than the notorious Windows Vista. To undo the damages done by the OS, Microsoft has decided to skip Windows 9. On Tuesday, September 30, Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 – a marriage of Windows 8 and Windows 7. Although it is more of Windows 8 than the earlier version, the…

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4.7″ iPhone 6 and 5.5″ iPhone 6 Plus – new iPhones announced

iphone announced -

Apple has unveiled iPhones in two different screen sizes – 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Both models sport new designs and higher screen resolution, termed Retina HD display. In the media event held on 9/9/2014, the rumors have proved right in a lot of anticipated specs of iPhones. The camera has remained 8-MP but photography is…

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iPhone 6, iWatch what else on Apple Sept 9 Event ?


Apple’s much animated yearly event to unveil it’s new iPhone is going to be held on September 9, 2014. A lot of rumors have pointed towards a big-screen iPhone and iWatch to be announced on the event. Here are the list of rumors compiled to give a peek into the event that starts tomorrow morning:

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