Did Shiva Ayyadurai invent email ?


Yes, email or the electronic mail system was invented 32 years ago by a 14-years old student, Shiva Ayyadurai, in the USA. Although the copyright of the term was registred in 1982, the concept was developed in 1978. The first email system had replicated all the functions of the interoffice mail system including Inbox, Outbox,…

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Macbook Keyboard Shortcuts for OS X Yosemite (selected)

There are many shortcuts, I have collected the ones I use regularly. The symbols representing the main keys are (there are more symbols, and there are more shortcuts): Command ⌘ Shift ⇧ Option ⌥ Control ⌃ Caps Lock ⇪ Fn Editing Keyboard Shortcuts: Copy – ⌘+C Cut – ⌘+X Paste – ⌘+V Undo – ⌘+Z Undo ⌘+Z…

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Mute, Block or Report ? Dealing with a bully in Twitter


One of the major disadvantage of online media and social networking is cyber bullying. How to deal with the person who tweets the stuffs you don’t like. Harassment in Twitter can include anything form the distasteful statement, image, threats, racial comments and so on. Anything you don’t want to see, read or discuss can be…

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2 Free video editing software I use daily


Here are the two free video editing software I use daily. These tools are easy and have the feature I need. As they serve my need, I don’t need to buy any expensive video editing software. Although I can always use more features of paid program, I have not intention for upgrading these software anytime…

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How to delete all or some of your tweets in Twitter ? (More than 3,200 Tweets at once)


UPDATE : There is an online tool to select and delete selected tweets – delete.twitlan.com. This tool is useful if you need only to delete some selected tweets. It lists tweets in groups of 50 Tweets with and option to select all or some of them and delete at once. Previous post continues … You…

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How to get more followers in Twitter ?


Everybody wants more people to follow them. A bigger follower number is a no brainer of a popular Twitter handle. Those who get a lot of followers are either celebrities or the ones who respond to other people. A simple formula to get more follower is: Retweet other’s tweets Follow all who retweet your tweet…

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Are you spamming Twitter? spam and aggressive behavior rules


Twitter doesn’t allow its users to spam anyone. ‘Spamming’ has a wider meaning when twitter is concerned. They can also add new rules to deal with new tricks and tactics used by spammers. We will discuss the current spam rules of Twitter: Following and Unfollowing You might be spamming if you have followed and/or unfollowed…

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Facebook Scrapbook, a new dad at Facebook builds a scrapbook for your kids


A new feature in Facebook, introduced on Tuesday, called Scrapbook, can be used to tag and create scrapbook of your kids. It allows Facebook user to pull together the photo of children using a special tag to create and share with others. The optional feature allows only the user to tag and create the scrapbook….

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$149 Chromebook, less than $100 Chromebit


Chine manufactures Haier and Hisense have announced cheapest Chromebook yet, at $149, to preorder from Amazon and Walmart.com. In another news, Asus plans to release the Chromebook Flip, a convertible Chrome OS device at a price of $249. The device is told to be 15 mm thick and weights less than 2 pounds. Asus also…

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Will your Facebook page like count drop on March 12?


If you are the owner of a Facebook Page, you might have noticed a new message displayed in the insights page stating, that they have "recently updated the way we measure how many people like" the Page. It also warns that the Pages may see a decrease in the likes count after March 12 after…

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