PacMan – Google’s glimpse to Web OS?

Google celebrated Pacman’s 30th anniversary yesterday with an interactive PacMan Google logo. The birthday cake is all chowed-up – the the birthday party is all done but the cool, interactive, and fully functional PacMan logo is still featured in That left me wondering if the PacMan logo signify more than a simple birthday party!

Google is in the verge of releasing an Operating System, a web based OS. The programs in the Chrome OS are supposed to work like the PacMan logo. The games and programs are supposed to run in remote servers and we, consumers, won’t need a hard disk to install software.

When the announcement of a Web Apps store like the Apple Apps store and PacMan birthday mystically coincided, and the ‘birthday logo’ was featured in an extended period, I believe Google wants us to believe this is how Google’s OS works.


The PacMan logo is made in code Google has been promoting lately, JavaScript. Chrome browser is told to perform a number of times better in dealing with JavaScript when compared to other browser.


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