OS X 10.7 Lion Reviews – Likes and dislikes

OSX Lion initial reviews are pretty good. Some of the noted reviews are:

David Pogue of New York Times says, "The Lion upgrade, in other words, is classic Apple: innovative to some, gimmicky to others, big leaps forward, a few stumbles back."

Harry McCracken of Time states, "At $29.99, it’s a steal — the no-brainer upgrade."

John Siracusa in an extensive review (19 web pages) in Ars Technica agree it is a good product but also recommends, "Don’t just run out and upgrade your system as soon as you finish this review. Lion’s digital distribution makes hasty upgrades even more likely. Patience! Take a few days—weeks, even—to research all of your favorite applications and make sure they all run fine on Lion."

Walt Mossberg of All Things Digital / Wall Street Journal believes "It’s a big leap, and gives the Mac a much more modern look and feel for a world of tablets and smartphones."

Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo hoped I hoped Mac OS X Lion was going to merge iOS and Mac OS X perfectly, but was disappointed by "a mess of what was previously totally acceptable."

Matthew Panzarino of The Next Web says, "There’s really very little reason not to purchase the upgrade if you’re already a Mac user on Snow Leopard"


Some of the things I like most in the Lion are iChat grouping of chat windows, Icons in mission control app windows, spaces management, auto correction, Mailapp’s feature to organize by conversation, fullscreen apps, AirDrop, and restart with windows opened in the same state.


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