Open letter to Steve Jobs – Flash is good enough

apple-adobe Let me be clear first: I am not a Flash fan. I don’t need it as long as I can watch YouTube and Facebook videos.

That doesn’t mean I buy the Steve Jobs’ version of Flash detest. Let me explain, why I think existence of Flash is good for consumers:

  • Flash is a person’s choice. It doesn’t come bundled!

Hey Steve Jobs, nobody forced me to use Flash. I have installed the plug-in because I thought it is useful. I am free to uninstall and get rid of it whenever I feel it is not of much use. I love choices.

  • Flash is more FREE than the App Store!

Some games that are freely available in web cost money when you want them in iDevices. For example, Flash version of a game called Canabalt is free but App Store version costs $3.

  • Flash can run in multiple devices (except iPhone, of course)

The iPhone App can only run in iPhone and nowhere else. If it were Flash, I could have run in my Macbook or a PC. I don’t like being locked in a device.

Well, I can’t talk about the performance, reliability, security, and battery performance… But, it is always Apple who is complaining about these problems. I think, it is the other way around: Apple is intentionally making computers that don’t perform well with flash (It is just my feelings, I don’t have any evidences to support it).

Apple went through its near death experience, and Adobe was drawn to the corporate market with their Acrobat products.

It looks more like a leg-pulling-games between Adobe and Apple and poor consumers are caught in-between.


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