Online Photo Galleries downloader – Picasa Downloader

picasa-logo_1 Are you fed up of ‘Right Click’ –> ‘Save Image As …’ ?

I have already posted about the software for Facebook photo mass downloader FacePad and Flickr Downloader. Now, it is time for Picasa.

I wish there were a single tool to to automatically download all the photos in a Picasa, Flickr, Facebook and any other online albums — for free of course.

Picasa Downloader is a tool to download Picasa photo albums. If you don’t want to install the program, there is a portable version of the software too.

In this tool you can provide the username and it lists all the albums of the user and you can download selected albums or all the albums at once. Just make sure that there are not many photos in the albums. Some albums may contain 1000s of photos and will take forever to download them.

It doesn’t show the number of photos in the album before it starts downloading. I wish there were a cancel and a pause button too.

Anyways, it is a great tool to download photos.


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