No click wheel on iPods ?

The iPod touch never had click wheel and it replaced other click wheeled iPods on its relase. If leaked photos of cases for the upcoming sixth generation iPod nano are true, Apple’s click wheel is seeing its last days. Two sellers in alibaba (1, 2) are offering touch-screen protector and iPod cases for the next generation iPod nano.

iPod_Nano_6G-case Silicone_case_for_iPod-Nano_6G

The cases suggest a touchscreen iPod much similar to the form factor of the previous generation iPod Shuffle but with much more control with the touch screen. Similar cases were leaked previously and the leak of touch screen of size 1.7inch also reinforce the rumor of the iPod nano of a smaller form factor.



The suspense won’t remain long as the Apple Special event to be held on September 1, 2010 nears.


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