New iPad initial reviews

The new iPad is being released in 10 countries including US, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland and UK on March 16th.

Early iPad reviews by various critics seem to agree on the main feature of the flagship product of Apple. As expected, the reviews are positive in every aspect.


The reviewers agree on the awesomeness of the new ‘Retina display’, 4G LTE, improved camera and speedy graphics. Let’s summarize the main points of reviews:

  • The Retina Display is top-notch : iPad’s resolution is higher than any HDTV available in the market – at 2048×1536 pixels. The reviewers assure that the display looks great and they didn’t forget to mention that the users should see the device to believe it as no TV or computer screens can replicate the pixel density.
  • The device is similar to iPad 2: Yes, it’s the same size (except for a slightly thicker and weightier body) that can fit into iPad2 cases. It looks same and the processor is the same dual core A5 as in iPad2 except for a beefed up 4 core graphic processor.
  • 4G LTE is fast!: The reviewers found that the 4G LTE network connection is very fast. But, the network is not universal. It is only available in US and Canada, that too in a few cities. Although users might not be able to benefit from the facility now, it is a good thing to have a network that can potentially be faster than the home network.
  • Camera is great: iPad2’s camera was the worst possible camera in a portable device. Although nobody would feel comfortable taking photo with a 10 inch device, it takes great photos. The reviewers were specially impressed by HD video recording capability.
  • Good price: Although there are different tablets costlier and cheaper than iPad, iPad so far is the best tablet device. When compared to other competitive tablets, iPad’s features justifies the price.

Suggestions to current owners of iPad:

  • Original, first generation iPad owners – The new iPad might be the one they might want to upgrade for a lighter device, camera, and enhance processor, graphics and almost everything.
  • iPad2 owners – don’t need to upgrade unless they want retina display or 5MP camera. Because, apart from graphic processor, the processor is same, dual core A5. Although the new iPad has 4 times pixel density, iPad2 display is not that bad. The front camera in new iPad is same as iPad2 and that is the most used camera. iPad is considered a worst device to be used camera so, 5MP camera shouldn’t be a critical feature.

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