New California law permits self-driving cars in the streets

California Governor has signed the self-driving car bill, that establishes safety and performance standards of such cars, into a law in the state. The bill’s sponsor Senator Alex Padilla, Google co-founder Sergey Brin and Governor Jerry Brown signed the legislation in Google’s Mountain View headquarter.

Google has been testing the auto-driving car for almost two years. Brin told that the car serves Google’s goal of creating technology that can dramatically improve the world.

In the US some 40,000 are killed each year in car accidents and self-driving cars would reduce ‘human errors’ that cause such accidents. If done right, self-driving can be safer than a car with human driver.


In addition to driving, parking lots can hold more cars in a given area as the cars can drop off passengers and park themselves in a much less space than required by a human driver. Brin predicted that a consumer self-driving car might be available in market within five years.



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