Nepali Unicode – Using Google Transliteration Tool (Tutorial)

I have been using Google Transliteration Desktop Tool to type in Nepali for some time. It is easier than the Madan Puraskar’s unicode tool or our own online Nepali Unicode typing page (Although it is also based on Google’s tool).

I had wanted to write a tutorial to install and use this tool but, hadn’t found time to prepare it. But, when I found a tutorial made by somebody else, I wanted to share it with you.

The author Sujan Tandan, has done a nice job in explaining everything from downloading to using. (Click on the image to see the bigger image)

1. Download location


2. Determine if your OS is 32bit or 64bit and downloading the software:sajilest-nepali-typing_Page_2

3. Changing Regional and Language settings


4. Setting the short-cut key


5. Typing example in Notepad


I hope you can do it now. If you have any problem in the process please write me in the comment or write through Tapaaiko Prashan Hamro Jawaf.

Note: I got this Sujan Tandan’s tutorial in internet but, I couldn’t contact him personally. I think, he won’t have any problem, sharing it here. If Sujan or anybody who know him reads this post, please give me his contact details so that I can inform his about this post. Thank you.


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