Mute, Block or Report ? Dealing with a bully in Twitter

One of the major disadvantage of online media and social networking is cyber bullying. How to deal with the person who tweets the stuffs you don’t like.

Harassment in Twitter can include anything form the distasteful statement, image, threats, racial comments and so on. Anything you don’t want to see, read or discuss can be stopped by proper means in Twitter.

Here are four most common options available in Twitter to stop a distasteful person (or a bully) from harassing you:


If you have been following the bully, you can unfollow by going to the profile of the person. After unfollowing the posts of the person will stop to appear in your timeline.

Unfollowing doesn’t stop the bully tweets however appear in your timeline if somebody you follow replies or re-tweets the person’s tweets.

follow unfollow


If you don’t want to see any tweets of the bully, you can mute the person by clicking on the three dots ("More" button) below one of any tweet of the person. In the contextual menu, click on "Mute". No tweets, ret-tweets or mentions of the person will appear on your timeline.

The bully will not know that you have muted him/her and can follow you, favorite and re-tweet your tweets. 

twiter mute


Blocking is more severe than Mute. When you block a bully, the bully won’t be able to see your tweets. After blocking if a bully visits your profile, a message similar to the following will be shown in a blank screen.  Read more about blocking here.

blocked in twiter

Blocking doesn’t stop the bully from viewing your tweets. If the bully logs-out and goes to your profile, he/she can read all your public tweets.

Even if you block the bully, you might see their tweets if one of your friends re-tweet’s their tweets.


The ultimate solution to a problematic bully or spammer is to report to Twitter. If your report is valid, the Twitter team can take action against the tweet or the twitter user.

I the problem is criminal in nature, you can also report to the police.

twitter report


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