Multiple accounts – two Dropbox instances on one PC

Dropbox has gained a huge popularity for it’s simplicity in cloud storage and automatic update on all the logged-in computers instantly.

Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage and more storage is available for a price. But, if you just want to double the storage and don’t want to pay for the extra storage, or if you want a flexibility of using two accounts you can do it easily by installing a portable instance of PC version of Dropbox.


Now, let’s start the installation:

Step 1 – Go to This link to download portable Dropbox application.

Step 2 – Extract it, and double click on the .exe file to install the application.

Step 3 – Select the dropbox account share folder and other details for the portable account.

Step 4 – Let the application download dropbox application from Dropbox website and install it. If you already have another dropbox installed in your computer and if it is the default folder, the portable app will ask permission to merge with the old account. Let it merge (but, it won’t be merged if you have given a different share folder in Step 3).

Step 5 – finish and let it run on the background.


A more detailed instruction on the install is given in Freeware genius.


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