Microsoft released Windows 8 smartphone

October 29 is not an ideal day for new product launches, but two of the biggest tech companies, Microsoft and Google have released their new smartphones on the day. Because of hurricane Sandy, Google canceled the formal press meet and informally launched its new tablet and new smartphone. Microsoft however went ahead with it’s pre-planned event in San Francisco.


In the Microsoft event, corporate vice president and head of its phone division, Joe Belfiore, talked about the operating system and it’s features. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer presented the new smartphone handsets in the event. The handsets featured in the event include Nokia 920, Samsung’s Ativ S and HTC’s Windows Phone 8X. The pricing details were not revealed in the event.

Microsoft had been very late in the smartphone business while Google and Apple have marched well ahead of other competitors. Windows 8 has to be significantly attractive to lure people from Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS smartphones.


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