Lytro to redefine photography with a new camera

lytro-site-screen-capture A new type of camera to be available before the end of the year, is completely different from what we see these days. The camera allows users to change the photo details including focus of a picture even after the photo is taken.

The Lytro camera, has a new type of sensor that can gathers much more information about the light coming to the camera.

While, the current camera capture the instance of light falling on the sensor, the new camera records a much more detailed data made up of all the light rays in the scene. The data called “light field,” can later be manipulated to get the required effect.

Click on the following photos to see the zoom effect.

   Lytro-focus - 4Lytro-focus - 1

Lytro-focus - 3 Lytro-focus - 2

The Lytro camera captures color, intensity, and light ray direction. Using computer these data can be adjusted. For example, photo editor software like Photoshop can adjusts parameters like hue, brightness or contrast on a regular photograph, but in the new type of photograph, there are vast amount of additional parameter related to color intensity and light ray direction can be adjusted. Taking photo may be easier – processing would be much more complicated.

The new sensor makes it easy to take photo in dark, without flash and it can also be used to create 3D effects.

Lytro camera is said to be "competitively priced" to fit in the consumer’s pocket,” and if you are interested, you can reserve a camera by visiting


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