Lost iPhone prototype issue getting complicated

The issue of lost iPhone and Apple’s formal letter to get it back was stretched beyond the lost-and-found case to criminal offense. On Friday, members of the Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team, or REACT task force executed a warrant to search the home of a Gizmodo.com blogger, Jason Chen, who had published information about a lost Apple Inc. iPhone prototype, seizing computers and other equipment. Chen he returned home Friday to find police searching through his possessions, having broken down the front door.

REACT, the California police task force steering committee is reported to have included members of several large Silicon Valley firms — including Apple, Google, Adobe, and others.

In a recent twist in the story, Gawker Media, the owner company of Gizmodo blog, claimed that the warrant used by police to search an editor’s home was invalid.

In another statement, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, told that the engineer who showed Woz an iPad on the morning of the iPad launch was fired. Woz told, he was not aware that the iPad was unreleased 3G version.

The iPad in question could be the following twitter photo of Woz holding iPad.


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