Long live ‘The Daily’ – shutting down on Dec 15

The digital-only magazine that started as the only iPad-only newspaper, ‘The Daily’ is seeing it’s last on December 15, 2012. Born in a high-profile launch in February of 2011, the newspaper’s 21-months life wasn’t successful in winning enough subscribers to make it sustainable.


At a price of $0.99 a week or $39.99 a year the newspaper needed about 500,000 subscribers to break even. But, all it could gain was 100,000 subscribers. Even Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation, the most influential offline media person, couldn’t gain enough subscribers to made the new digital publishing sustainable.

Although started as an iPad-only magazine, it was later offered to Android phone for the similar subscription price (Monthly: $3.99 and Annual: $39.99).

We hope, ‘The Daily’ experiment will be a guiding experience for the future model of online publishing.


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